Sunday, 4 February 2018

I'm on a roll

I hate to say it but with a second new poem so quickly since the last, could I be on a roll? This is another in response to a prompt on the same website by as the last post by my friend Monna Ellithorpe.

Not quite decided on a title yet and it is still in a rough, unedited form but I am recording it here because I am so happy to be creating again.

The Mystery Parcel

One damp and dismal morning last week
I answered a knock on the door
The postie was waiting with a parcel for me
Unexpected, exotically packaged but more ...

It did not have a full address, 
He'd done well to deliver this mail
The name was clear, it was for me alright
But this delivery could well have failed.

I gratefully took it from his hands
With heartfelt thanks and praise,
And carried it carefully to my den
Prepared to free my prize, to be amazed.

I really had no inkling, no idea at all
Of who may have sent this parcel
Addressed with such a tenebrous remit
It may never have reached me at all.

So I set about the task required, 
Not knowing what I would find.
Soon I held a simple box, devoid of any note,
I raised the lid and thereI found confined

A bundle of vintage photographs
Dog-eared and monochrome
Displaying almost familiar faces
Fondly remembered from back home

A treasure chest of memories
A prize I tightly grasped
But who and why and where
Amongst the questions yet to ask.

A few places where change is needed but it's a poem and I want to shout it out loud. Hope you read and enjoy.

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