Sunday, 4 February 2018

I'm on a roll

I hate to say it but with a second new poem so quickly since the last, could I be on a roll? This is another in response to a prompt on the same website by as the last post by my friend Monna Ellithorpe.

Not quite decided on a title yet and it is still in a rough, unedited form but I am recording it here because I am so happy to be creating again.

The Mystery Parcel

One damp and dismal morning last week
I answered a knock on the door
The postie was waiting with a parcel for me
Unexpected, exotically packaged but more ...

It did not have a full address, 
He'd done well to deliver this mail
The name was clear, it was for me alright
But this delivery could well have failed.

I gratefully took it from his hands
With heartfelt thanks and praise,
And carried it carefully to my den
Prepared to free my prize, to be amazed.

I really had no inkling, no idea at all
Of who may have sent this parcel
Addressed with such a tenebrous remit
It may never have reached me at all.

So I set about the task required, 
Not knowing what I would find.
Soon I held a simple box, devoid of any note,
I raised the lid and thereI found confined

A bundle of vintage photographs
Dog-eared and monochrome
Displaying almost familiar faces
Fondly remembered from back home

A treasure chest of memories
A prize I tightly grasped
But who and why and where
Amongst the questions yet to ask.

A few places where change is needed but it's a poem and I want to shout it out loud. Hope you read and enjoy.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

New Poem, A Connection To The Past

Wow, they say not to apologise for long breaks in posting but this has to be a record. I had not been finding time for writing for a long time due to personal issues. However, A new weekly writing prompt on an old friends, new web site caught my eye. Monna has for a long time been working to bring new creative writers together and to offer encouragement. This new site has a regular writing prompt to help get you started and I decided to "have a go".

This was the result, of the prompt, (an inscription in an old book":-

A Connection to the Past

I am holding in my hands a battered, tattered book
I saw it on the bookshelf and just had to take a look.
The cover stained, page edges foxed

A history waiting to be unboxed,

For me, the pages of a volume such as this

Will always speak so loud and lead to an abyss

Where I become as one with the narrative within

And lose myself to some adventure waiting to begin.

And then I think of others who have held this work before

Having found its heroines and heros on some far, far, foreign shore

Did they read it to forget some dismal, dreary task

Or maybe, like me, it was simply to be enjoyed – why ask?

For reading is a pleasure, an indulgence to revere;

A diversion from whatever life brings, a new frontier.

But the greatest pleasure an old book can bring at last

Is to find a pale inscription, a connection to the past.

Basically I was at a loose end for an hour or so and wanted to try this. It is a first draft, almost straight from the pen (well the keyboard anyway) although I did google a couple of synonyms to help. Actually I quite like it and may find myself doing more in which case this blog could well be resurrected. I would like that.